Posted by: esaus | August 10, 2009

Piercing a Slave Girl

*Log edited for continuity purposes.  This roleplay log directly follows (in fact, overlaps at the end) from the previous log, The Complication)*

Adamark Susenko knocks on the door.

Twinkle Baily turned as she heard the bells behind her, letting her eyes settle on the man and his girl. “greetings, Master……greetings, kajira”

Adamark Susenko blinks at easu, more so at his messy self then his nudity, seemingly oblivious to the others in the room, his brow arched, at a loss for words.

Esau Serupta nods to the newcomers. If he’s embarrassed by his naked physique, he doesn’t show it. “Tal,” he nods. He waves his hands around. “Pardon the mess. It’s…” He shrugs. No need to finish that thought. It’s pretty clear the place looks and smells like a train wreck.

Mateo Ariantho eyes the man who enters,noting the scarlet colors then the girl, ‘Scarlet Caste” he thought…he folded his arms,eying the man up

Tianna Destiny moved to her knees once they walked through the door. Her mouth fell agape upon seeing the naked man, the words from the slave heard but her eyes wide as she took the rather strange lot in. She remained silent for now unsure of the rules for her speech but did manage a smile to them all.

Esau Serupta raises an eyebrow. The Warrior seems patient. And Esau wasn’t much for pleasantries. If the warrior wanted something, he’d speak up.

Adamark Susenko chuckles, noting the look and eh speaks up. ‘You are a leather work,er, yes? I have a whore here who needs ehr ears pierced, to eb degraded into the low slave she is. I have no desire to see her free, and mean to see that she is kept that way.’

Esau Serupta turns his attention to Adamark. He raises an eyebrow at the comment. He’s not heard that request before. Automatically, his eyes go to look over Tianna. On the one hand, he’s sympathetic to her status; he knows degradation only too well. But still…He shrugs his shoulders. “I know how to do that. Trained in that shit ages ago. Give me a second. I need to clean up. I’ll meet you in the shed out back. And….” He grins at Adamark. A city boy, so he probably needs fair warning. “And um, might want to pinch your nose back there. The fresh piss pots came back this evening.”

Adamark Susenko already wrinkles his nose at the thought and nods, backing out of the room. ‘I may just stick my animal’s crotch up to my nose so all I smell is here. I will see you out back.’

Tianna Destiny could not hide the groan that suddenly came forth as she listened to the dirty man speak. Her head snapped up to Adamark, her eyes wide with shock. Without realising her hand raised to softly touch one lobe. As if it wasn’t bad enough being pierce, but to have it done by him. Hadn’t they every heard of infection? she thought to herself as her body shuddered.

Mateo Ariantho listens to the Warrior’s words exchanged with Esau’s as he stood there arms folded,looking at the girl by his feet,before he feel little arms wrap themselves around his leg,he’d look down to the girl,not moving or punishing her,listening to Esau reguard the Warrior’s request,he goes to move,leaving the girl with Esau,walking around the guard “Esau, we’ll talk more later” is all he said,no goodbyes or anything,as he heads back to the olive orchard

Zana Parx: Master it is zana

Esau Serupta opens his mouth to answer Mateo, but he’s already gone. He just shrugs his shoulders and moves to wash his hands…and find some clean clothes. He’s not going to wear those smelly grubby ones in the corner.

Adamark Susenko gags, holding his breath as the smell emenates from the back. he nearly vomits form its horridness, immediately looking the other way. ‘Oh god..”’

Twinkle Baily blinked at the mention of piss pots, quickly releasing Mateo’s leg. she prayed that emptying or cleaning those pots would not be one of the requests made to her. “safe paths, Master” she called to him as he left, not caring taht he was already out of sight.

Tianna Destiny just stood there, her hands clutching at her stomach and tears welling in her eyes “my Master……” she started to say trying to hold back the wretching that threatened. Was a good thing she hadn’t eated today. She’d look around the shed, her eyes darting back to him, a look of pleading evident.

Esau Serupta sighs. The only clean clothes he has are his “Sunday best” that he wears into the city. And now they’ll reek. Oh well. He dons the clothes and cleans up as best as he can…which is not much at all and trudges out to the back to talk with his “clients.” As he moves on his way out, he says nothing to Twinkle/Basimah. Either she’ll follow, stay or leave. Any option would be fine with him and he’s not going to press the point.

Adamark Susenko was too busy trying not to puke to notice her pleasing expression. He pinches his nose toughly, breathing through his mouth, but even that was bad, for he swore he coudl taste it.

Twinkle Baily shuffles closer to the door, not sure if she should offer the man some help or not now. “you look very nice, Master” she smiles then follows behind as he moves out the door

Jessenia Cerise hears the voice of another kajira behind her, she turns her head and notices the pair standing, then another kajira coming out of the door. She shuffles around, kneeling behind her Master’s legs, keeping out of his way.

Esau Serupta walks outside and claps his hands together. “Alright, one pierced slave. That’ll be…fuck, what do they charge for this shit. Like 2 copper tarsk bits? One per ear? Fuck it, let’s say that. Now…where’s my fucking tools? Shit, they gotta be back there somewhere…” He continues to prattle on, not really having a conversation with anyone as he spews numerous insults, curses and the like

Adamark Susenko waved a hand in acknowledgment. There was no way he would be abel to say anything with this reek attacking him. His eyes watered and he shut them tightly, gasping for breath which was only making it worse.

Tianna Destiny almost jumps out of her skin hearing him cursing god only knows what but that was nothing compared to the smell. She clutched her stomach again, trying to breathe through her nose as the tears began to fall from her cheeks. So bad was it she’d even forgotten the degradation of what having her ears pierced really meant. Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise…..perhaps “Couldn’t we do this..i dunno, like by the stream or something?” she asked, no…pleaded to adamark “Or even maybe get someone else to do it, my Master. Someone….” she paused for a moment and said low “clean”

Twinkle Baily giggles as she hears the ugly words pouring from the man’s lips, thinking he seemed a bit unorganized and a lot uncivililized. she had spent so much of her life with pirates and torvaldsman that she ahd grown use to such gruff men, but had yet to hear such words from them. it was kind of funny, she thought. pressing off her legs, she moved closer to his shed, holding her nose as she breathed through her mouth and looked around, “is there anything you would like me to help with, Master” she asked in a nasely voice, still pinching her fingers to her nose

Esau Serupta bustles around, knocking various boxes and tools around. He shrugs off Basimah’s help. He’s in his own world now, so help would be the last thing he needs. Not now. “Fuck fuck, butcher knife, nah. Ah, a fucking needle. Good. I knew I had one of dem fuckers around here. SHIIIIT….” He’s knocked over a piss pot. “Fuck it, I’ll clean that up later,” he shrugs. “Now, now…fucking where be dem steelie doodads?” He mumbles to himself and picks his way through a bunch of items. After considerable effort and literally upending his entire shed, he walks back to Adamark with his palm open. On it are: a needle, two tiny steel rods with threaded ends and two steel disks. “I think this shit should do it, neh? Alright for you?”

Jerrold Fallen whispers to the girls… “Looks like the butcher is going to do a piercing…”

Adamark Susenko used his free hand to push her by the ass over to the leather worker, still unable to speak or barely even see for that matter.

Jessenia Cerise whimpers and cowers behind her Master’s legs. She didn’t want to see it, she knew what pierced ears meant. Though the barbarian girls didn’t mind so much, a true Gorean saw it as the ultimate mark of slavery, nothing to salvage pierced lobes. The kajira would always be a kajira. Never free again. She shuddered and closed her eyes, tight shut. She wished she could block it all out. It made her feel sick with nervousness.

Tianna Destiny’s shoulders slumped and she grumbled, not caring who would hear “I’m gonna get sick, i just know it” she said feeling his shove. She trudged her way toward the dirty man but was unable to look at him, her eyes now fixed on the implements in his hand. She said nothing more, each word meant she had to take a breath

Zana Parx wispers back shivering slightly from the thought “does he normaly do them?”

Jerrold Fallen moves in for a closer view, this kind of spectacle always amused him, the way the girls resisted and pleaded. He smiled and tapped his leg for jessenia to come closer.

Jessenia Cerise gives the girl a slight shrug “I dunno…. but it ain’t gonna be pretty… I wanna go home” she looks at the girl now with her dark eyes…
Jessenia Cerise notices her Master tap his thigh, she had no option but to get closer…. a lump swells in her throat.

Esau Serupta whistles to himself. He’s oblivious to the smell and he’s not perturbed by Adamark’s pure revulsion. He’ll just keep going. “Right then,” he nods at Adamark’s silence. He’ll take the hand wave as a sign to go on, that the price is good, and basically Adamark will agree to anything he says. “Now then, someone’s gotta hold her down….hey, what about that bait girl?” He looks back at Basimah. “We’ll do it on the crate over there. Seems clean enough.” He sniffles and hocks a loogey out of the corner of his mouth.. “You just hold her shoulders, I take care of the rest, neh?” He closes his hand with the items and pulls Tianna towards the crate. He’s just moving about his business, doing things. Not listening to anyone, not paying attention, just lost in his own world like everything is perfectly normal.

Jessenia Cerise crawls over slowly, like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. Her movements far from graceful, fear running through her body, though it wasn’t her getting pierced. She felt for the girl, no gorean woman should have to endure the humiliation. She cringes as she gets a little closer.

Adamark Susenko felrt around half blindly, gripping about until he finds her shoulders, holding them a bit tighter than necessary, his face contorting into twisted expressions of revulsion.

Jerrold Fallen looks to the other girl, zana is her name he thinks. He makes a sound with his lips to get her attention, and motions her closer as well. All slaves should see this, as it’s inevitable for them eventually.

Twinkle Baily jumps at the title of bait girl, not really caring so much that it probably wasn’t a nice one. she was thrilled with it and that’s all that mattered to her. “yes, Master” she said cheerily, waiting for the man to get the girl down on the crate. she was ready and willing to help hold her down and eager to see the piercing happen as well. This was turning out to be a day of firsts for her and she was loving every minute of it. “don’t you worry, kajira, it won’t hurt all that much” she pressed a smile to her lips, telling the lie to help the girl relax. truth was, she had never been pierced or branded, so she didn’t know how it felt. but it felt nice to try and put the girl at ease.

Zana Parx slowey moves foward fearfull of what she will see, and shivers again as she knows some day this could be her fate.

Tianna Destiny would sit down if her damn ao didn’t just break so insteads just pretends to. Her body begins to tremble as she looks from him to the girl and reality finally sets in as to what was about to happen. Wasn’t so much that she hated being a slave, far from it actually but was the fact of simply having her ears pierced, marking her a slave girl forever and the lowest of form at that. Usually she was strong and nothing much worried her, pain is one thing she was used to. Her teary eyes shifted from smelly man to the bait girl but the girls smile wasn’t seen. She didn’t comprehend much at all, the foul smell was now eating into her brain

Jessenia Cerise hides herself behind her Master’s legs, as if they would shield her from what was about to happen. She closes her eyes once more and with her Master’s back turned, she lifts her hands off her thighs, pressing the pads of her shaking fingers again her ears, trying to block out any screams from the girl. She shuddered once again, feeling her own lobes. She had heard of the girls being pierced. The sceptum piercing, not quite so bad, that could be hidden, brands – cut out. The pierced ears, though thought of as sexy by Gorean men, just the thought of having those undisguisable holes in her flesh, filled her with fear.

Esau Serupta sweeps the crate with his forearm to clean it from all the gristle and muck and dust. He waits for Adamark to bend her over the crate. When he does so, his elbow digs into Tianna’s head, left ear exposed outwards. “Fuck that,” he bellows. “This is going to hurt like a bitch…” His fingers nimbly set up the items: rod next to her ear, disk right after it, needle between his fingers. He coughs and looks at Adamark. “Hold the bitch still or else I cut her ear off all the way, neh? That be fucking bad.”

Adamark Susenko nodded, tightening his grip even more, much more so than necessary in his revulsed state/.

Twinkle Baily slipped her hands over the girl’s shoulders and waited for instruction as to if the girl was to lay back or just stay sitting up. she figured the easiest way to keep her steady if they were sitting was to hop up on the crate with her, but really didn’t know how this sort of thing went. she wrapped her arms around the girl tightly upone Esau’s instructions, whispering in her other ear, “don’t worry, it will go fast” at least she thought it would. at that moment, she was extremely pleased that it was her holding the girl down and not the one being pierced. with all the smells and filth around, she was sure the girl would need to see the physician afterwards, and maybe even get poked with more needles.

Tianna Destiny began to thrash about, whimpering and looking toward adamark. The look of horror and confusion on her face, tears now streaming down her cheeks. No matter how hard she tried to thrash about, she wasn’t moving anywhere. Adamarks vice like grip and the bait girls grip was holding her still. She closed her eyes tight ready for what was to come.

Esau Serupta licks his lips and moves with quick precision. Though he’s never done it “for real,” his Caste training had him do this for months. And it’s not that difficult. No warning, no anesthetic. The needle just slices a hole through the earlobe. He grunts in concentration with the needle stabs the wooden plank on the other end. Then he quickly discards the needle and slips the rod through the newly opened hole. He bites his bottom lip. Push it through and….there. And now to flip her head around and do the other side. This time it’s even faster and less jarring. Right through and through and no problem getting the rod in. He laughs to himself when he backs up. The disks are sitting on the threaded ends of the rod, providing weight and holding the rods in place. He cracks his knuckles, pleased. “Fuckin A! Not so bad, right? Fuck, and on the first go, too. How bout that shit. How bout it. That be a rap, boss.”

Adamark Susenko blinks, still wrinkling his face blindlly. He loosens his grip after hearing the worker, ‘is .. is it don? Is she done?’ he asks, his voice quivering from his panting and quick breaths to smell as little as possible.

Jerrold Fallen laughs and claps his hand on his shoulder at the stunned looks of everyone involved.

Twinkle Baily tried to hold tightly to the girl and make sure she didn’t get away. if there was one man she didn’t wish to anger, it was Esau. and letting go of the girl would most likely anger him bad enough to want to hit her. it was pure relief when he finished the first side with no incident, but she still held the girl tight, “great job, Master” she smiled brightly, egging him on to how great he had done. who knows, maybe with a little positive reinforcement, the man would actually end up being nice. burying her face into Tianna’s back, she braced the girl to ready for the next hole to be pushed in, amazed at how fast it was. “see, told you it would be fast” she whispered to the girl in a sing song voice

Zana Parx winces as she watches, holding her stomache tightley as a wave as nausea washes over her.

Tianna Destiny could feel the body heat of his hand against her ear then held her breath, her eyes closed and her fists clenched tight. As the needle pushes through she screams and kicks her feet. Before she knew it though he was onto the next, flipping her head over. Wow, the man was good but she’d never give him such credit. She hated him at this moment and as her eyes opened to glare at him, that hatred was evident. She nodded hearing Basimahs kind words then struggled to move “can i get up now?” she asked in a soft voice. Soft only because again, she didnt’ want to breath much.

Esau Serupta wants to flick those ears, but he realizes that the area must be sore. He’s not so cruel as to inflict massive amounts of pain. Instead, he grabs her by the hai and pushes her towards Adamark. “Fuck yeah. That should hold. Real good. Just got to keep them rods and disks in for four days. And you know slaves. Dumb bitches probably try to pull and scratch and take them out. And if she does, you bring her right back here and we pierce ’em all over again.” He looks over at Tianna and glowers at her. “You hear that, you beast? Don’t fucking TOUCH those rods.” He spits out of the corner of his mouth one more time and twirls the needle between his finger. “Yep, you keep that shit in her ears for 4 days. After that, take it out and put whatever shit you want in them. Hoops, studs, whatever. Those holes ain’t going nowhere. Pierced for life, boss. And speaking of that, that’ll be 2 copper tarsk bits for this shit.” He holds out his hand expectantly.

Twinkle Baily released her grip on the girl and backed away, swiftly moving around the crate to get a better look at her ears. she had not seen so many pierced ears, but the ones she did were always adorned with beautiful jewelry. she expected there would be nothing less in this beasts lobes. it must be a wonderful gift to be owned by one of higher caste, she thought. though she liked the life she had lived as a bond, and thought one of ease and comfort, like that of a city girl, would not fit her so well. “you are going to be the pride of your Master” she beamed to Tianna, hoping she understood she should look at it as more a prideful thing

Adamark Susenko scrambled about his body, patting blindly until he finds his leather pouch, whippng out the cins and slamming them quickly onto his hand. ‘Thank you.. blehhhg.. Sir. I .. mm wish you werll!’ he then bolted, yanking tianna with him.

Tianna Destiny winced as she was pulled from the crate by her hair and shoved toward Adamark, nodding her head to the dirty mans commands “yes yes, i hear you, Master” she said running to catch up to her Master. She’d heard every word from the bait girl and flashed her a smile as she passed, knowing only too well what the girl meant. She’d call out her best wishes to the leather worker but well, she was still pretty damn pissed with him

Esau Serupta chuckles to himself and hefts the coins in his palm. As he watches Adamark move at the speed of light, he can only laugh. “Fucking city boys,” he mumbles. “Fuck, at least he paid.” He bites down on the coin; a force of habit now to make sure the coins were solid. “Easiest money I ever made…”

Jerrold Fallen shakes his head, chuckling, the spectacle now over. He looks at jessenia’s unpierced ears and thought for a moment. Finally he tapped his thigh… “Come girls, we’ll go into the city.”

Jessenia Cerise: Yes my Master.

Zana Parx: Yes Master

Twinkle Baily giggled softly as she watched the girl drug away by her Master, then how Esau bit down on the coin. “you did a fine job, Master. I’m sure they feel you earned each coin”

Esau Serupta shrugs his shoulders and slips the coins into the belt of his tunic. “Just money. That’s what, two drinks at the tavern?” He spits again out of the side of his mouth. “Shit, not like I’d go by that Temwood. What a piece of shit. Paga’s weak, the girl’s look like bosks. Actually, they’re hairier than bosks. Well, maybe I’ll spend it at the Rusty Kettle. I don’t like the kalda, but the pussy’s better.”

Twinkle Baily wrinkled her nose at his discriptions of the places, thinking he was probably describing the taverns in the city, “mmhmm, sounds…..good” she muttered to him as she turned to face the city. “if you have no other need for me, Master, I will be on my way to go rest” the thought had crossed her mind to stay as he and the large man from before had suggested, but the delicious smelling warmth of the bakers place seemed so much nicer right now.

Esau Serupta shrugs his shoulders. “If you’re not spending the night, you should probably go. Otherwise, I’ll just destroy that cunt all night long.” It’s seems to be the ultimate irony that only a few ehn ago, he was threatening to murder her and now he’s contemplating using her all night long. How different relations can be with such a subtle shift. He starts walking towards his house. “Up to you…”

Twinkle Baily blinked at his comment, not sure if she should follow behind him or just make her way to the bakers quarters. she had only served in the furs once, and it was when she was opened, but it was something she had enjoyed immensely. but the thought of serving the sticky man was not one that was exactly appealing at this moment and she was afraid to offer a bath once more. The day had been long and she decided she should probably just go to rest. pressing up to her feet, she made her way into the city, looking forwards to returning to the stinky house the next day.

Esau Serupta spits once more on the ground and shrugs. Seeing her walk off, he figures that’s what she’d choose. He opens the door and immediately shrugs off his clothes. Perhaps that’d save them from an extensive washing. Priority #1: bathe. Bathe a lot.


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